Medicine Hat Radiologist – Thomas Strain

Wait time vs Wait list vs Cancellation list

This month, I thought I would clarify, what is different about the three types of lists we have at BGSA, which is quite similar too a lot of other medical facilities.

Wait time is easy to describe. It is the length of time it takes for your Physician/yourself to obtain a non-urgent appointment, for the procedure you require. Depending on the procedure, BGSA wait times vary, but have come down over the past 2-3 months. This is attributed to full staff and Radiologist time.

Cancellation list is the one we put you on, if you want to have your procedure sooner, then the original booking. This is a short notice list, so if another patient cancels their appointment, we can call you to fill the spot in short notice, usually 2-3 hours.

Wait list, BGSA is proud to say, we don’t really have one of these anymore. This is the list you sit on, when the procedure you need is considered non-urgent and there are more important patients/procedures ahead of you. A prime example of these are the wait lists for certain procedures in AHS facilities. If we perform the procedure at BGSA and you no longer want to wait for your procedure, give us a call and our booking staff will give you a date and time.

Ask the Fine Dining Expert – Nick Diamante

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