Medicine Hat Safety Trainer – Amy Zuk

Safety Buzz IN Your Community!

It’s hard to believe a whole year has gone by since we first released our very own B-Farm Safe Initiative! Safety Buzz’s B-Farm Safe Program is designed to make it easy for farm & ranchers  to develop safety plans for their worksites. With new OHS legislation for Farms & Ranches with paid workers – B-Farm Safe can build a safety plan that is easy to use and customized for your operation. Let us ease your mind!  Have us come out and put a safety action plan in place for your ag business!

Safety Buzz congratulates 4-H Alberta on 100 years of community, friendship and opportunity. We are proud sponsors of local 4H events, and are working towards Team Building and Safety Leadership programs with local 4H groups!

Have you been in to visit our new Buzz Campus is Dunmore? Feel free to pop in for a coffee and check out all of the great services we can provide! Did you know our facility is available for event & meeting rentals as well? We’d love to have you host your next meeting or event right here in Cypress County! The Dunmore Equestrian Society hosted their recent meeting at the Buzz Campus and were thrilled to have close to 90 attendees! The Dunmore Equestrian Centre is now open! Please visit their facebook page for more info:

We are happy to announce that our neighbor, Canadian GunHub is hosting their Non-restricted / Restricted firearm safety courses here at the Buzz Campus on weekends. Check out their website for more info:

Come stop in anytime to see what the Buzz is all about!