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The Necessity of Pet Insurance

Probably the most common question in relation to pet insurance , Is pet insurance worth it? People buy insurance of all different kinds but the reason why is always the same no matter what you are insuring. It is to help people pay for large, unexpected or unplanned expenses that they would have trouble paying for out- of – pocket.

Some people may choose to have what we call a “pet savings account” instead of pet insurance. In theory this could be a great idea. However if in 2-3 months into your pet savings account your pet becomes seriously ill or injured and requires extensive treatment that could add up to a few thousand dollars- your monthly savings plan could possibly fall a little short.

Let’s face it. Accidents and illnesses happen and they are always unexpected. Broken bones, poisoning, ingesting a foreign object(rocks, bones, toys) and the medical bills start to quickly add up. This may require x-rays, ultrasound, surgery, medication and hospital stays. In some cases it may require a referral to a specialist.

There are insurance companies available that you choose your deductible that will work for your family budget. The insurance company will then pay 90% of your pets accident or illness veterinary costs. That’s a pretty sweet deal.

There are also other insurance companies where you are able to choose your pets level of coverage based on what amount of deductible you can afford. This coverage can be for accident or illness, routine dental or preventive care (exams, vaccinations, flea treatment)

Your Veterinarian can offer you and your pet a free 30 day certificate of coverage after which you can decide if you would like to continue that coverage and carry an insurance policy.

Pet insurance will help give you the peace of mind that your pets health and your finances will both be protected.