Grande Prairie Dentist – Dr. Jeff Falk

Why is General Anaesthesia dentistry so confusing

Whenever we answer the same 3 questions repeatedly over during the consult appointment, someone is telling us there is widespread confusion or misinformation happening.  As one of the few dental facilities anywhere offering a GA Suite option, we do hear it all.  Firstly, who provides the GA service? When one of our dentists treats a patient in our GA suite, the patient is under the care of 2 professionals, and our dentist is one of them. The other is a board certified anaesthesiologist from the local hospital. They are the sole provider of the anaesthesiologist side of things, and we have had this identical arrangement for almost a decade without any issue ever.  In our province one cannot ever wear both hats, which is both the law and the method we have always provided these services. It simply means everyone does the job for which they are best trained.

Secondly, patients often ask why a deposit is necessary for this type of surgery.  As we are booking a medical professional doctor and bringing them over from the hospital for this treatment day, there are fee considerations.  We must compensate that doctor regardless of whether or not a patient shows up. The deposit required simply assures us we have a much greater chance of the patient remembering their appointment! In the event of a ‘no show’ our out of pocket expense far exceeds the deposit paid. It’s like paying your car dealer to bring in an unusual part for a car – they always insist on advance payment. Secondly, why so many concerns about eating beforehand?  This is critical to keep patients healthy and alive! We require complete honestly about food consumed. If a patient has food in their system, vomiting could occur and the result could be catastrophic. The medical anaesthesiologist and staff need 100% honesty from our patients and their parents because you’re coming from home. Thirdly, why do we use Registered Nurses in our Recovery Room?  Simply, it is the law. Our facility is no different than a hospital OR.  The recovery process is as important as the surgical process. It is our way to keep you healthy and happy.  Us too!

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