Red Deer Auto Paint Restoration Expert – Mark Dolynchuk

Summer VS Winter Detailing

We pack away our winter gear in the spring (hopefully!) and swap out for summer clothing. All forms of maintenance change, when we truly live the 4 seasons in central Alberta. Your vehicle care responsibility changes identically. In winter and early springtime, the salt used on the roads is a major threat to the protective wax. It simply eats the wax and paint sealants away. Clearcoats get damaged, and your car cannot shed dirt and grime as easily as it will with a healthy coat of wax.

In summer, we need to protect against the sun’s damaging UV rays. A fresh coat of wax is mandatory, even more so on red vehicles because they are most prone to oxidation and fading. This makes bug and tar removal easier, because we really have two seasons  – ‘Winter and Construction’, and we see many vehicles with too much road tar.  Additionally, with rising temperatures brake pads produce more brake dust, so protect your wheels with wax to reduce etching into the wheel surface.

Come fall, we’ll once again protect against road salt before the first snow. We vary the paint sealants and car waxes in terms of number of protective coats for the winter months. You don’t want to have to use scrapers to remove stubborn salt, to avoid scratches and swirling of your paint. Most of us drive 12 month vehicles, so treat your truck with the same respect you do your body. Protect it!

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