Red Deer Dentistry Expert – Dr. Jeff Cook

Dental Implant Surprises

When patients ask ‘What’s new’ in dentistry, the correct answer is not much in many areas, and everything in others. Some techniques are fundamental, and equipment that is over 40 years old can still support many facets of dentistry perfectly.  On the other hand, new grads today are exposed to areas of dentistry never touched on before in a GP’s education – and dental implants are a perfect example.

Patients inquiring about a dental implant tooth replacement option often ask ‘Will it hurt?’. They assume inserting a tooth root in your jaw will be excruciating. Nothing could be further from the truth. Many patients say it was no more uncomfortable than a root canal or a large filling. ‘How long’ is the next question, in terms of time from start to finish. This depends on your parents and the genes they gave you. Each jaw is different and bone structure differs.  Sometimes we can do ‘instant loading’ same day with the tooth crown on the implant, but often a settling in period of a few months is preferable. Of course we furnish you with temporary teeth so you can function socially during this time! ‘How much?’ is usually another surprise. People assume that because it is regarded by many as the ‘standard of care’ for tooth replacement – it will exceed any other option cost wise. It sometimes does initially, but the math doesn’t stop there. An option such as crown and bridge has previously been the optimum choice, but the longevity of a dental implant can surpass any other restoration – making it often the least expensive treatment. It’s like a good wrench. You can buy one at the discount store for peanuts, or invest in the best and see it outlast the others. Implants are like that. Patients considering implants ask all these question. Once treatment is complete, the most common statement heard is ‘I wish I had that done 10 years ago!’  Come for a tour of Alpen Dental in Blackfalds and we’ll surprise you too!