Red Deer Heaters and Air Conditioners – Brad Johnson

This summer is proving to be another warm one! Central Air Conditioning sounds like a great solution to those hot, sweaty days.

Why not turn your home into a climate controlled refuge? Central Air Conditioning is rapidly increasing in popularity, becoming more of a standard option for new homes, and usually very easy to install. Most installations require less than one day to complete.

Sizing a central air conditioner for your home usually depends on:

  1. Square footage of home
  2. Insulation
  3. Glass and sun exposure
  4. Size of furnace blower capacity
  5. Ductwork size and distribution

Most central air conditioners require an outdoor unit (condenser), mounted on an isolation pad, or on foundation mounted angle brackets. An indoor unit (evaporator) is installed into the furnace plenum (ductwork) and easily hidden from view.

Quiet and smooth operation characterizes the modern air conditioning system, and power consumption is surprisingly low.

If installed by professionally trained technicians, a central air conditioner should provide many years of reliable service, especially with regular service checks.

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