Red Deer Natural Health Adviser – Cheryl Markovich

Reversing Metabolic Dysfunction

My husband and I have just returned from the most amazing all expense paid trip where we learned a lot about the Science of “Feeling Better”.  I’m telling you this because it is available to everyone who takes the time to read this article.

We were sponsored by Nature Sunshine Products to partake in a trip to exciting Las Vegas, partake in shows, banquets, bar-b-que’s, pampering and so much more.  Then we were off to the beautiful and amazing Salt Lake City where we were part of a mission to transform lives around the globe with innovative products.  The focus was through improving metabolic function through a healthy gut microbiome.

Nature Sunshine is a Natural Health Care Company that has been around 45 years!  They have just opened the Hughes Centre for research, which we were able to tour.  It was so exciting to learn this company’s standards are so high they reject nearly 80% of the raw material they receive for supplements.  Their clinical trials and patents pending speak of the purity and potency in their herbs and supplements.  They are in the top 7% of all supplement distributors for purity and potency.  They have won the award for 7 years in a row for healthiest employees.  Their average employee has been with the company for 15 years.  This is a company with proven integrity, kindness, and compassion that knows how to treat their employees and partners; a real family.  They have the best weight loss programs in the world with clinical trials and studies to prove their efficacy.  We are so proud to be part of a Company that encourages you to enlarge your vision, purpose, and desire to be a better person and contribute to a healthier world.

We have a global epidemic of obesity and one in three adults are suffering from Cardio-Metabolic Syndrome.  Do any of the following symptoms plague you?

Overweight/obesity, High Blood Sugar, High Insulin Levels, High Blood Pressure, High Triglycerides, High LDL Cholesterol or any other metabolic or cardio dysfunction. ALL ARE RELATED TO A TOXIC GUT MICROBIOME.

 Did you know obese humans have a different microbiome than lean humans?  And that an unhealthy microbiome can cause a lab rat to “puff up and die?’’ All of these conditions of metabolic toxicity start in the gut and are reversible in response to dietary changes such as reducing carbs.

There is a tremendous amount of emerging science behind gut health.  You don’t have to wait until you feel the symptoms of a chronic disease.  Traditionally we have been trained to ignore the cause of disease and treat only the symptoms.  At Building Bridges we look at the root causes and promote Nature Sunshine products and programs that are affordable, attainable and sustainable in reversing disease.

All good health measures are anti-cancer measures, so why not do something pro active today by booking a Consultation and an in depth Live and Dry Blood Cell Analysis.