Red Deer Natural Health Expert – Dawn Wickberg

Healthy skin comes from within….

Skin issues plague A LOT of people.  It’s not an age specific thing…more and more we are seeing adults with acne and kids with eczema.  Have you ever considered that your skin is a mirror image of the internal health of your body? I am here to tell you IT IS.  If you suffer from skin ailments, you might want to take a look at your diet.  The saying “you are what you eat” is very much true.  A diet with healthy fats will help with skin moisture and suppleness, of course the antioxidants and fibers in fruits and veggies are great skin protectors…eczema can be a sign of a GLA deficiency.  We obtain GLA from our mothers breast milk, if we lack the ability to produce it afterward we are deficient and require supplementation.   You also may want to CLEANSE your system with a herbal cleanse..but before doing this make sure your BOWEL MOVEMENTS are regular.  Consuming a high fiber diet and drinking LOTS of water should help.  That’s a lot to “CHEW” on but small changes can yield big results.


Did you know that in Chinese medicine, your skin is known as your second set of lungs? It breathes just as our lungs breathe.

Until next time….