Red Deer Scrubs Expert – Jenny Moore

Back to school can be stressful & overwhelming, especially for new students.

Whether you’re returning to College/University to finish your program or your journey is just beginning, these tips can save you time & money.

-Don’t be afraid to ask questions when uniform shopping. It can be a very overwhelming process, especially for first timers.

-Compression socks are important! Regardless of your field of study, if you will be on your feet for long hours, get in the habit of wearing them.

-Talk to your instructors before making purchases- often different instructors have different “rules” about shoes, uniforms, or what accessories you need/are allowed to have. Save yourself time & money by finding out if your program has requirements before buying.

-Check your school handbooks! If your school has them, make sure you get one! Often these handbooks have great information on local businesses that offer student discounts, sometimes they even have coupons. Take advantage of student discounts & offers while you can.

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