Medicine Hat Car Expert – Ralph Garnette

Are you ready for your vacation?

If you are traveling by car (or truck, motor home, trailer etc.) then there several things to look at before you venture out.

  • Antifreeze, or Coolant as it would be more accurately described. Aside from not freezing in winter. It needs to conduct engine heat to the radiator to cool the engine, transmission and often steering and other fluids.  If the coolant is old or if there is rust, oil or dirt in the system, it will be unable to work properly.
  • Wheel bearings, trucks, Front wheel drive cars, trailers and other vehicles have wheel bearings that require service. They need to be disassembled, cleaned, inspected, packed in grease or oil and re-assembled.
  • Trailer hitches, Brake controls & lighting. All of these may have worked fine last year, but are they working now?
  • Spare tire. Is it in good condition? Is it flat? Is the jack and lug nut key in the vehicle/ trailer?
  • Generators, Water pumps & appliances all require routine service.
  • Let’s not forget to have A/C checked. It can work fine on a +25 day but at +30 and towing or extra passengers & luggage not so much.

Tip of the month: Plan your trip, including your Pre-Trip maintenance. Nothing ends a vacation faster than a breakdown.

We offer maintenance & full system Diagnostics & Repair on more than 30 makes of Domestic, Asian and European Vehicles. Both Gas and Diesel.  Factory Approved Maintenance & Programming.

Drive in, Drive out, Drive Happy

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