Medicine Hat Community Living – Diane Eley

What to Keep, Give Away, Sell or Throw out

No matter who or what, downsizing is not easy.  Sorting through stacks of boxes, jammed closets, unused rooms delegated as “catch-alls” can be overwhelming and emotionally exhausting.  But there is a bright side to downsizing – the release of all those things that weigh you down can in fact be the catharsis you need to begin your new life!

What to Keep:

  • Focus on what you want to bring with you and how you envision your new life.  Keep what’s most important.  You can re-address your downsizing again if this doesn’t quite fit your new space;
  • Remember to take a selection of those things that are reminiscent of home and give you a sense of comfort;
  • Create scrapbooks of loose pictures and memories and commit to just a certain few.

What to Give Away:

  • Offer valuable and keepsakes to family members first; Charities with pick-up services are
    helpful and it feels good to know someone else will benefit from your  selections;
  • Goodwill, Clothesline, Red Cross, libraries, churches and schools also may appreciate your give aways;
  • Clothing that is clean, folded and wearable, gently used furniture, loved books, blankets, even food items with the expiry date still current are options.

What could I sell?

  • Understanding that we tend to over-value what we’re attached to, be realistic on what to ask for items;It may be helpful to secure an appraiser to determine value of items that you wish to sell online;
  • Host a garage sale with help from family, friends or be part of a neighborhood garage sale.  Garden tools, and household tools are popular; towels and linens, ornaments, decorations, small pieces of furniture, costume jewelry etc  kitchenware – all create a popular mix of garage sale items;
  • If you have valuable antiques, consider an estate sale or auction house.

Throwing it out!

  • This can be a difficult consideration, but realizing it’s day has come and gone, throw out items which are chipped, broken or dirty and unsafe;
  • Old magazines, newspapers, and dated books not only rob space but can be a fire hazard:  recycle your paper products;
  • Out of date clothing, shoes, boots.

…and now, breathe – and reward yourself with a treat!!!