Medicine Hat Funeral – J. Cameron Davis

Written by Lynett Getz

After one has experienced the loss of a loved one, there are various experiences and normal feelings one may undergo.  The process or journey of grief is different for each of us and does not always follow predictable stages. The following are a few of the emotions associated with grief.

Loss of a loved one can bring about feelings of shock, confusion, and anxiety.  Feelings of shock may consist of feeling dazed, stunned and overcome, and can be specifically noticeable in the time period immediately after the death. This feeling or experience is perfectly normal and is your body’s way of protecting you from becoming overwhelmed by the reality of your loss. Physical symptoms such as dizziness, queasiness and heart palpitations may also be present. Crying hysterically, screaming in anger and laughing are all common behaviors that will help you to get through this time of mourning.

Confusion is another natural emotion following a loss and one may feel disconnected and out of place. Feelings of bewilderment and uncertainty are normal and quite common.  Anxiety is another normal emotion and reaction.  Fears of financial stability, loss of other loved ones, as well as fear of coping with the changes of everyday life, can all lead to feelings of anxiety and possible panic attacks.  More to come next month.

Taken from “Afterwords – Helping Yourself Heal”

by Dr. Alan Wolfelt.