Medicine Hat Radiologist – Thomas Strain

Happy Summer everyone, 

I can’t believe it, but half the year has gone by already. I guess that’s what happens when we are keeping busy improving services, so we are an essential part of your healthcare team. We have figured out ways of reducing the wait time, so you are receiving timely patient care. We have upgraded our system, so reports are being sent to your physician in a more efficient and timely fashion.

One area, we still underutilize is our MRI. We feel we have given you all the information we can regarding the service, but obviously not, as a great number of you are still on the extensive AHS waitlist of 25-28 weeks. Is it the cost, $650.00 for the first body part and any other succeeding body part, $400.00? A lot of insurance plans are now covering a portion of this, employee heath spending accounts, and WCB is utilizing it to help get workers back on the job. Give us a call if you have any questions, our friendly staff would love to help you out.