Red Deer Debt Consilidation Expert – Suzanne Allain

6 Tips to Reduce Your Debt

Everyone wants to be debt free, but it can be difficult to actually get to that point. Today I want to give you 6 tips on how you can reduce your debt, and be closer to living debt free.

Change your mortgage payments from monthly to bi-weekly.

By changing your payments to bi-weekly you end up paying a little more each year, but you pay down your mortgage faster and reduce the number of years left on your mortgage. If you get your paycheck bi-weekly, then it is easier to make a budget that way anyway.

Make extra payments on your mortgage.

Every extra payment that you make on your mortgage goes directly to the principle, unlike your fixed payments that are split between the interest and the principle. If you are able to make extra payments especially during the first year when your payments are mostly interest, you can significantly decrease the number of months or even years you pay for your mortgage. Remember though that there is a set amount that you can pay above your regular fixed payments each month and/or year. Talk to your lending institution to find out more information.

Stop using credit cards!

Did you know that if you carry a balance of just $1000 on your 18% interest credit card and make a minimum payment of only $20 per month it will take you 150 months or 12 ½ years to pay it off? That would bring the total amount paid to nearly $2400! If you increase your payment to $100/ month you reduce the number of payments to 32 months and the total paid would be $1163. It makes a big difference! Try to pay off those credit cards as fast as you can. You will save a lot of interest. Better yet, pay off your balance in full every month and skip all the interest payments! To figure out how long it will take you to pay off your credit card, try using this online credit card minimum payment calculator.

( credit-card-minimum-payment.aspx)

More next month!

Ask the Bra Fitting and Lingerie Expert – Sherry Gummow

Below are a few common types of bras and their descriptions:

  1. Push up bra: This type of bra adds volume to the breasts to give the appearance of larger breasts.  Frequently push up bras create a nicer cleavage for the wearer. Push up bras usually have padded cups with materials like foam, gel, water and even air in some designs.  Cleavage can also occur with a plunge bra style.
  2. Strapless bra: This type of bra has put an end to fighting with straps. They are perfect for strapless and halter dresses. Strapless bra should provide full support and come in many different options.
  3. Full coverage: This type of bra is a perfect choice for women who want to support their breasts more. They can provide more coverage for large breasted women who are self conscious.  For active women, full coverage bras are a good choice.  They should be comfortable while providing excellent support.
  4. Balconnette  bra: Can be full support or medium support, depending on whether you choose a molded cup or a full support cup.  They are lower in the cup, thus look great under lower styled clothing, and usually the straps are wider set as well.