Red Deer Denture Expert – Mark Multzet

Dentures, Implants, Crowns and Bridges? 

What can we do at South Hill Denture Clinic and Lab?  The answer is pretty simple, We make dental devices that fit in your mouth and are removable.   Crowns and bridges are cemented in your mouth permanently, therefore a Dentist must perform that type of duty.  Partial dentures, complete dentures, sport mouthguards, grinding appliances, clenching appliances, snoring appliances, and implant dentures are just some examples of removable devices, and therefore we MAKE THEM!  The implants that are placed in your gums are permanent and therefore are placed by Dentists whom work closely with us.  We then fabricate the denture that snaps onto the implants.

Amazing technology that isn’t even new anymore.  Implants have been done for over 20 years now.  Implants are not always necessary and are not for everyone.  However the patients that I have that do choose to get implants LOVE THEM!  I hear most often from my implant patients, “Wow!, If I had know it was going to be this simple and work this great I would have got them 10 years ago.”  However if implants are not in my patients’ future I have other methods that often help considerably.

First of all, very precise accurate impressions make for a better fit.  Besides a denture can only fit as good as the impression you get of the mouth.  If the patient is a severe gagger, I have methods that alleviate this terrible feeling that make the process much much easier for the patient.  Gagging can often result in a distorted impression, which in turn results in a poor fitting denture.  Another technique I use very often is soft/flexible edges to a denture.  These soft flexible edges can help hold on to concavities in a patients gums and achieve great suction.  If the concavities are available.  Sometimes we extend the soft material into areas that often get sores to alleviate this discomfort.

So as you can see we do more than just make dentures.  We also have a wide range of options available to us to help make your dentures and dental devices function more desirable.  Our focus is on making you happy with the device me make for you, and we are willing to take the time necessary to find what method and technique that will work best for you.  Its not a job for us, its a passion.  Let us be passionate for you.

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