Saskatoon Hearing Center – John Letts

Celebrates 40 years!

We are proud to serve the people of Saskatchewan with their hearing health needs for 40 years.

We certainly have a lot to celebrate–2017 Marks our 40th anniversary of being a Family Owned Hearing Aid Clinic. We have always used the patient first approach when it comes to our clients whether it be in choosing the right products for their needs or offering patient/family counselling through their rehabilitation. I think that this level of care does not go unnoticed and we have become a place that the people of Saskatchewan trust their hearing health needs.

We offer many services and work side-by-side with your doctors and service providers in our clinics but one service that we never shed the spotlight on would be our industrial testing. We are very proud to have been the first clinic in Saskatoon to offer on-site hearing testing, sound level testing, hearing conservation programs and on-site custom hearing protection all in one. This is a convenient service that allows us to test and fit employees on-site for less down time.

If you would like to learn about all of the services that we offer, check our website at or visit our Facebook page.

8th Street location, 306.343.9516

Market Mall location, 306.374.4050