Medicine Hat Kitchen and Bath Renovator – Lyle Woodward

When looking to renovate your kitchen and/or bathroom, most homeowners feel overwhelmed with the shear quantity of decisions and components that go into the renovation.  A brief list for a kitchen includes demolition logistics, cabinet supplier and installer, flooring choices, countertops options, backsplash selection, electrical and plumbing trades coordination, lead times on materials, temporary kitchen, and so on.  In a bathroom, the same list presents itself, though many homes have a second bathroom that make the logistics of living without that bathroom more tolerable.

Licensed and experienced contractors are the best equipped source to effectively manage all the questions that need answers, all the coordinating that needs to be made, and are able to shorten the renovation time significantly versus a weekend or evening warrior or handyman.  Contractors have the connections to offer you the choices you want to make your kitchen or bathroom meet your design and budget, but are also able to make sure your investment is done properly, to code, and will offer warranty service in most cases.

Selecting a contractor can be difficult, but keep in mind the following: price, schedule, and quality.  The price is what it is, don’t try to haggle or make a deal as it sours the relationship almost immediately.  The schedule should be consistent with all the quotes you get.  With quality, ask for references and pictures of past work.