Medicine Hat Low Level Laser Therapy Expert – Lizz Mock

Beautiful sunshine and warm weather are here! Along with the warmer temperatures and extra hours of daylight you’re probably outside enjoying yourself and playing outdoor sports.

Sports season is also here, and with that comes sports injuries.

All of us have heard the term “golfers” or “tennis” elbow. Even though associated with their name sake, “golfers/tennis” elbow doesn’t always happen because of playing the sport. Scientifically known as Medial (golfers) or Lateral (tennis) Epicondylitis, it means an injury/inflammation of the muscle or tendon on the inside/outside of the elbow.

Low Level Laser Therapy reduces pain and inflammation while improving circulation, speeding up the healing process, and getting you back to the sports you enjoy. Treatment is noninvasive and completely pain-free. The laser paddles are placed around the areas of concern and all you feel is a warm sensation.

Let yourself live again.

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