Medicine Hat Towing Expert – Darrin Boschman

Protect your load this summer.  Tonneau covers and full canopy caps have the protection you need!  Find out more…

Soft Cover Tonneaus — These are the most economical and can either roll up or flip up. They provide basic weather protection.

Hard Cover Tonneaus — Look for fiberglass tonneaus to make it through some of our rough seasons! Some can flip up totally allowing you to use your full box space when needed. These also have increased security because they are hardshell and ensure your tailgate must be unlocked and open in order to get into them.

Solid Piece Fiberglass Tonneaus — This cover can be color matched to your vehicle paint code to get that sleek look.  It’s secure and lockable and opens up as one whole piece.

Cannister/Mechanical Tonneaus — The cover “rolls” up into a canister behind the cab of your truck.  You will lose a bit of space behind the cab but it allows for you to see out of your back window even when the cover is open. You can also get this cover in an automatic version where you press a button and it opens automatically!

Full Canopy Caps — These are solid fiberglass and are color matched to your vehicle paint code.  They allow for maximum storage room and withstand the elements. There are many options to add on to personalize your cap to exactly what you need.

Don’t forget about a box liner for under your cover or cap.  There are 4 types: Bedrug, spray-in, rubber mat and plastic drop-in.  These can help significantly with box protection as well as keeping items from “floating” around the back of the truck. Cap-it is your vehicle Expert® — we can help with all of the above and more!  You need to take a peek in the store to see all the new items we are carrying for vehicles AND adventure!