Lethbridge Business Coaching Expert -Garth McDonald

Hello everyone. In the past few months we spoke about increasing your service levels to get or retain your clients. I would like to speak today about doing the simple things! Some of the best results in creating a simple Unique Selling Proposition is just answering the phone! Most of the companies have moved away from the phone answering person known as the receptionist, and they now use an electronic answering system. If you are anything like me, when I phone someone and I get an answering system, I hang up and move on. I can tolerate answering the phone, press 1 for Bob, and getting him, but if I press 1 and get his voice mail, then I hang up and move on! If you are answering the phone, make it a company policy to pick it up quickly, like on the 1st or second ring. Try finding something fun to say when you answer your phone as well, so people remember you. I remember years ago, hearing a plumbing company saying as they answered their phone “How can we make you smile?” I realize many people say it now, but at the time it was very innovative, as most people who call the plumber are usually knee deep in stuff they don’t want to be anywhere near!  I hope this gives you some insight to simple things to do in increasing your level of service, and remember, if you want to double your business in the next 12 months and find time to enjoy your life then you need a coach! Someone who will keep you accountable.

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