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It’s easy to take wonderful employees for granted because they often don’t attract attention to themselves.  They are too busy looking after customers or creating great products.  But when they leave – that’s when we realize how valuable they were!  Quite often they don’t leave for monetary reasons – rather it comes down to a lack of engagement with the organization they work for.

Consistent recognition of effort and a job well done, contributes to job satisfaction, engagement and longevity.  Sincere words are powerful, but when paired with something tangible, the impact is much more memorable.  It takes a bit of thought to come up with a unique service award, but help is available.  Lethbridge Trophies has been helping businesses for over a decade with their employee recognition giftware.  We have unique products and ideas to keep your recognition program fresh. From practical to indulgent and everything in between, come see what sets us apart from the competition.

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