Lethbridge Insurance Expert -Brad Beazer

What To Do If There Is A Catastrophic Event

It has been a year since the Fort McMurray wild fire caused an entire community to have to leave everything and flee their homes. No matter what the situation is being forced to leave your home with little notice is one of the most terrifying thing’s that can happen. Many people are left wondering what they can do and what their insurance policy will cover.

Many insurance companies have team members ready to start helping you through a catastrophic event before the event is even over. Most home owners or tenant policies also have additional living expenses included in your policy for events like these.

If you find yourself being evacuated from your home, remember that you have insurance. A good insurance policy will not only cover the items in your home but will make sure that you are able to continue to provide for your family while you are displaced.

Having a home insurance policy can make everything much easier on you if there is any sort of evacuation or other catastrophic event. Come and see one of our experienced brokers at Chaparral Insurance Brokers and let us help you make sure you have the right protection.