Lethbridge Sales Performance Coach – Will Slattery

“Diagnose before you prescribe”

In sales today too many Sales People are so eager to share their knowledge regarding their product or service that all they are really presenting is an infomercial. A Sales Professional knows their product or service inside out, backwards and forwards, and upside down, however they utilize a series of good quality questions to seek out with eagerness ‘WHY’ a probable purchaser should consider making an informed BUYING decision and purchase from them. In other words we need to diagnose wether or not the probable purchaser could in fact benefit from our product or service before we present ‘WHAT’ it is and ‘HOW’ it works, thats Professional Consultative Selling. Creating the need before you provide the solution. Consultative Selling creates an atmosphere between a seller and a buyer that will produce more favourable results for both parties. If you know your product or service throughly asking the right questions, ‘diagnose’, will become easy for you, then the ‘prescribing’ will make sense to your probable purchaser. My Coaching can help make that happen inquire today.

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