Saskatoon Basement and Concrete Repair Expert – Jamon Selinger

Basement Waterproofing

Protect your biggest investment, your home!

You can’t stop the rain – but you can stop it from ruining your biggest investment.

  • Does your basement leak?
  • Are you unable to enjoy a considerable amount of space in your home because of water problems?
  • Are you afraid to improve or furnish your basement because of fear of water problems?

The longer water problems are put off, the worse they get and the more it will cost you to fix them. JS basement Works can solve your basement leaking problems with our engineered waterproofing solutions.

Basement Wall Bracing

Are your foundation walls cracking?

Most sub grade soil in Regina is highly plastic, potentially active type clay. This type of soil will undergo large volume changes when the water content increases or decreases in the clay. These volume changes combined with lateral soil pressures and deterioration due to aging exerts a sufficient amount of force to cause cracking and inward movement. Other contributing factors are tree roots, insufficient steel in concrete, water from leaky plumbing, mud jacking and poor drainage. If your walls have horizontal of vertical cracks causing inward movement to your foundation walls, JS Basement Works can protect them with engineered steel bracing designs that guarantee your wall from further movement.

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