Saskatoon Community Pharmacy & Seniors Wellness Expert – Janelle Kraft, 4th year pharmacy intern

Pharmacy Travel Services for Your Next Trip

Some changes are coming….the International Travel and Adult Immunization Clinic in Saskatoon is changing their services in the near future due to recent provincial budget cuts. Travel health services will be available by private providers such as Cheetham’s Pharmacy. As pharmacists are one of the most trusted and accessible health care professionals, they are in a great position to provide travel health services to travelers. Recent legislation was passed a couple years ago to allow pharmacists to administer immunizations, such as most of the vaccines necessary when travelling to different areas outside of Canada, which includes Hepatitis A and B, and Typhoid. Travel health pharmacists at Cheetham’s Pharmacy are well equipped with knowledge on infectious diseases, immunization guidelines to various countries of travel. Travel health pharmacists at Cheetham’s Pharmacy can educate travelers on the specific risks and how to protect themselves from these risks while travelling.

The best way a traveler can be informed on how to protect themselves, is by booking a pre-travel consultation with a travel medicine specialist, such as the pharmacist’s at Cheetham’s Pharmacy. Studies have shown that travelers are more likely to comply with pharmacist-ordered medications as compared to that ordered by a primary care physician. In addition to this, pharmacists are also more likely to order vaccines and anti-malarial medications when they are indicated. These specialist pharmacists can provide information on all the travel risks including infectious disease, the travel vaccinations available to protect you against these diseases, and the primary and secondary travel health precautions and measures one can take to further prevent themselves from contracting any diseases.

Cheetham’s travel health pharmacists are available to help you with your travel destination needs. Cheetham’s pharmacy has developed a long-standing relationship with physicians who trust the knowledge that Cheetham’s pharmacy team has acquired in travel medicine. This relationship makes the process of gaining information on health risks to the place of travel, acquiring vaccinations and prescription medication that provide protection, more streamlined and convenient for travelers. For complex travel areas, call Cheetham’s Pharmacy to book your pre-travel consultation. Walk-ins are always welcome for those with simpler travel needs.

Plan on leaving Canada? Talk to a pharmacist at Cheetham’s Pharm.