Saskatoon Hearing Center – John Letts

Don’t worry, we can come to you!

Did you know that we have mobile hearing testing units that can come and test your group at work?

We are very passionate about hearing healthcare and hearing loss prevention; this is why we offer an industrial hearing test for you and your employees at work.

Today’s world operates under mass amounts of noise and we like to be on-site to educate people on the damage that noise can have on their hearing.  We feel that any company that is operating at 85dB or higher should have a hearing conservation policy put in place to protect their employees from the permanent effects of hearing loss. We can help with this! We will come on-site, walk you through a hearing conservation program, perform sound level testing on the operating machinery and areas and test the hearing of every employee on-site which means less down time.

Call our office today to find out more on how you can get a hearing conservation plan and biennial testing to make sure that your employees are educated now and have the proper hearing protection for their future.

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