Saskatoon Oil Changer – Jerry Lupul

After 30+ years in the same business you would think I am becoming tired of using the world SAFETY over and over day after day. Well, I am not tired of harping to my staff and to my customers as well.

At Lubrication Station, safety is part of our on-going, continual, always updating training, so I don’t need to go down that road in this article. BUT, for my customers, I think it is a subject that needs to be reinforced from time to time: As part of our visual inspection we touch on areas that are not part of an everyday oil change, seeing things that could potentially interfere with a vehicle’s safety.

Tires – not only do we check tire inflation we also check wear patterns, tread depth, as well as the condition of the inside walls, which I can guess almost none of us do on a regular basis??? (I don’t, I get my technicians to do it)

We also have the opportunity to inspect the underside of the car for worn steering and suspension parts, and exhaust system integrity, lessening the chances of steering snapping, exhaust seeping in to a car, and the cost of frustrating breakdowns.

Vehicle’s wiper blades – way too often these components are over-looked even though they are right in front of our faces every time we get into our cars. Just because they do not get used often, just sitting there at the bottom of our windshields, they must not be wearing out, right? WRONG. Our atmospheric conditions are constantly bombarding the rubber of our blades each and every season. Whether it is ultraviolet rays from the sun, acid rain due to climate change (which does not apply to the U.S.) or just inactivity, wiper blades should be changed at least once a year.

We want to make sure your vehicle is as safe as possible, and the Lubrication Station visual inspection is free anytime for our customers.

Yes, that says FREE.

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