Saskatoon Trees – Dave Loraas

When we encounter hot weather humans often resort to turning up the air conditioning and pouring a cold lemonade.

How do our trees and shrubs cope with hot weather when the cannot use the same techniques?

Concerned people call during heat waves and say their trees and shrubs look sad and the leaves are wilted. As a self protection mechanism it is natural for trees and shrubs to slow down when it is hot outside. They then really need a water break when it is cooler out overnight.

As a rule I always recommend 5 minutes of watering every morning simulating a cloudburst rather than deep watering.  It is also very helpful to supplement your trees and shrubs with fertilizer and it is mandatory to have a good organic ground cover to conserve water and keep the heat off the root zone.

If you do these three easy steps your trees and shrubs will thrive even in the most extreme conditions!

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