Lethbridge Funeral Planner -Nicolas Salmon

Funeral Etiquette: Part 1

The death of a friend can leave us feeling lost and not sure what we can do. It is normal to feel this way. Here are some helpful suggestions to give you insight on how to behave after a death has occurred.

Mobile Phones

Unless you are an “on call” Doctor, your wife is 9 months pregnant, or have an equally important reason to carry your phone, please leave it at home or in your car.  At the very least, turn it off, and not just on vibrate (it can still be heard in a quiet church).

Things you can do for the family.

If you wish to show your support for the bereaved you can: send flowers (if you have them sent to the funeral home, we will bring them to the funeral), send food, phone calls, emails.  The funeral home will pass along any condolences that they receive whether its from our website or through the post.

Open Casket

You don’t have to view the deceased if there is an open casket, ask a funeral director if it will be open for the whole service or if it will be closed at some point.  Do what is comfortable for you, and try not to create a disturbance that could upset the family.

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