Lethbridge Hearing Specialist – Michael B. Golia, BC-HIS ,RHAP

QUESTION: Can we at TRINITY HEARING-Lethbridge clear up a few questions about HEARING and HEARING LOSS?


1. You DO NOT need a Doctor’s Referral to have a HEARING TEST.

2. A COMPLETE Hearing ASSESSMENT takes about 1.5 hours, and is NOT FREE. (WE have Contracts that pay FEES of  $75-100). And the TEST is VALID for 6 months.

3.There is NO FEE to visit this office for SERVICE. By APPOINTMENT Please. Walk ins are welcome but they may have to wait their turn.

4. There are numerous CONTRACTS that pay for HEARING INSTRUMENTS and HEARING TESTS. Example, AADL, WCB, AISH, DVA, NIHB. etc… and it is part of our mandate to see that you get these/YOUR BENEFITS.

5. EXPERIENCE COUNTS!!! This office has 55 YEARS of customer SERVICE.

6. WE have been offering VIDEO OTOSCOPY for over 18 years. This tool @ 30X magnification allows us to see INSIDE your ears IN COLOUR on TV.

7. SPIN DR. saves you costly REPAIRS.

8.IF you OVER EXTEND your visit, not only do we give you PARKING METER MONEY…WE will also PAY YOUR PARKING TICKET.

9. WE have MEDICARD Financing. www.medicard.com.

10. It PAYS to shop around. Phonak and Bernafon are two SWISS manufacturers WE deal with. We often sell at REDUCED PRICES and offer PRE-OWNED instruments.

11. WE are NOT owned by a FACTORY…WE remain independent. This allows us to make our own POLICY and decisions. (PRAYER changes everything)


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Email: michaelb47golia@live.ca