Lethbridge Plumbing Expert -Rick Neudorf

If you own a hot water heater, you’re probably already aware if you have “hard” water. You have to work harder to get decent suds in the shower, your dishes and fixtures have clearly visible white chalky streaks and spots, and things come out out of the dishwasher with soap or detergent deposits on them. If that’s the case, what you may not be aware of, but are living through every day, is the slow build up of lime, or liming, of your water heater. And that, as your plumber will tell you, can cost you more than unclean looking plates and faucets.

To clarify, hard water and liming aren’t interchangeable. But if you have hard water, chances are your plumbing, and in particular your hot water heater, is going to face lime build up or lime scale. Which means that eventually, you’re facing two problems:

  • Decreased water supply – the build up acts like cholesterol deposits and narrows the pipes.
  • Higher energy bills – because a blanket of lime in your heater forces you to raise the temperature so you can have a more comfortable shower

There are several signs that will tell you if your hot water heater is going bad or needs descaling. But even if everything is normal, we recommend you call for water heater service for descaling or deliming. Not only is this good for your comfort in the shower and your energy bills, it’ll help prolong the life of your heater.

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