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Above and Beyond – Have you ever used the services of a business for the first time and experienced a level of service that was far better than you had expected or ever experienced anywhere else?

What meaningful way can a customer recognize an excellent buying experience?  The first thing that comes to mind is a monetary tip.  Although employees appreciate tips, business management also deserves recognition as well as information about their customers’ experiences; and there is an easy way to do that:  look up the business name on Google and write a positive review or fill in the customer satisfaction survey that might be made available at the place of business.

Savvy buyers often use Google reviews in addition to word of mouth referrals to determine if they want to do business with an organization.   So that quick comment can have a great deal of power.  Another way to show appreciation is to nominate a business for recognition through a local Chamber of Commerce.  Each year Chambers across the country hold annual recognition events to honor the hard work of business owners and their employees and everyone who is nominated is recognized.

So the next time a business has made you feel special – don’t keep those feelings to yourself, provide feedback that will have long-lasting impact.

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