Medicine Hat Kitchen and Bath Renovations Expert – Kyle Woodward

When is the best time to renovate your kitchen or bathroom?  The answer to that question lies in a few market details, as well as personal preference.  Let’s break it down by season.  A renovation in the fall has its advantages as the kids are back in school, which means fewer distractions, hazards, and inconvenience at home during the day.  It’s also still warm enough outside that the crew can comfortably set up shop outside for cutting trim, tile, or other materials without taking over the garage or another room in your home.  The downside is this still remains high season for renovations and a sense of urgency to complete projects before winter arrives can sometimes lead to delays in subtrades, material delivery, and mistakes on the job because of the rush.

Next let’s look at winter.  The advantage here is this is slow season for most companies, which means they are more motivated to get your job.  The price may reflect this motivation, or it might mean there is simply more time available to make sure your project runs smoothly and to a high quality finish.  The downside, the holidays will be a factor in schedule, and the weather presents its own unique challenges.

Spring and summer tend to have the same characteristics.  It’s high season again, so getting “in line” early is crucial, which is why you should start the planning stage in the winter.  Most construction is done during this period, so nail down a schedule early to avoid the rush and have the rest of the year to enjoy it.