Medicine Hat Low Level Laser Therapy Expert – Lizz Moch

Thinking about trying laser therapy?

Here’s what to expect during your first visit!

When you arrive, there will be paperwork for you to fill out. This gives us the background information we need to get started. During our consultation, which will last about 45 minutes, we’ll talk about what is giving you trouble, and how long you’ve been experiencing the discomfort.  I will show you how the laser works and give some background information on how the treatment will go. Laser therapy is completely pain free, and if you decide you’d like to try it, we will start that same visit.

Our new TLC-2000, from TheraLase, offers biofeedback with a specific program that reads your muscle tissue and tells us just how much energy you need to start the healing process. We will collect a few measurements: height, weight, waist and hip size, perform a measurement of the area of discomfort and the laser will automatically access how much energy your body needs to heal.

This measurement mode is specific to YOU, no one’s treatment will ever be the same as yours.

If being measured isn’t something you want, don’t worry! There are over 80 protocols built into this system that we can choose from and go from there!

Everyone deserves to be pain free, and we have a therapy that helps you get there painlessly!

Call us for a free no obligation consultation:  (403)527-3783

You have nothing to lose but your pain.