Medicine Hat Radiologist – Thomas Strain

If you were see the tag line “An Essential Part of Your Healthcare Team” or “Taking a Closer Look”, what would this mean to you? At BGSA, we take our tag line, “An Essential Part of Your Healthcare Team” very seriously.

Our staff take ownership, in the procedures they perform on patients, who are referred to our Diagnostic Imaging clinic. They take pride and special care in performing the procedures, so the patients receive the best examination, with the least amount of pain and anxiety. Of course, this may not always be easy for the patient, depending on his or her condition. However, we want it known that we are going to do our best, to obtain the most diagnostic images for our Radiologist, so he can give the Physician a definitive result of what the issue is. This way, the patient receives the best follow up care that we can provide him or her in our healthcare system.