Grande Prairie Dentist – Dr. Jeff Falk

How is Having GA Suite Dentistry Similar to Booking a Charter Flight?

One of the recurring questions our team handles is why we require a deposit on General Anaesthesia Suite procedures.  We can provide an analogy here.  If you booked a plane ticket to Australia, and your flight was leaving on Saturday at 8:00 AM – they would expect you to have paid for it in advance. If you missed this ‘special’ flight there would be little if any chance of using that ticket. Your plane departed with an empty seat on board. The airline couldn’t recoup that revenue if they give you your money back, so unless you had very specific insurance usually you are out of pocket. They count on you remembering, because you don’t want to lose your invested ticket. That part is ‘just money’. In a dental practice with a GA suite (Operating Room) – we have similar expenses per hour and per procedure that are equally not replaceable.  For starters, we must employ a separate certified medical doctor called an anaesthesiologist for your procedure. This specialist comes to our clinic for your operation – with specific equipment prepared and medications ready. The biggest challenge we have is scheduling adequate time for all these surgeries. It is not uncommon to have to wait months for surgery because of the tremendous backlog.  The Operating Room is prepared for you, and a trained surgical team is at your service. If a patient doesn’t show at the last minute without notice, it is cancelled. A vacancy in the OR means also some patient is waiting (perhaps in significant discomfort) who may have been able to be treated in that time slot. Many of them are children, and their parents are frantic. We must charge a deposit because that is the only way some patients remember. Our ‘out of pocket’ costs (including the medical specialist) waiting for our ‘no show’ patient  doesn’t begin to cover our actual loss.  For this reason, we need 48 hours notice if rescheduling is necessary in order to best treat all patients waiting for these critically limited OR slots. We never have enough Operating Room time, and to serve everyone we need that operating room and team working!

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