Grande Prairie Furniture Expert – Gabe Camsell

Should I get a new washer/dryer?

There are several factors to consider in purchasing a new laundry set. What often happens is your current set is having troubles, but is still kind of working. You may think you are saving money by holding off on upgrading, but that is often the opposite of the truth. For instance an older less efficient or incorrectly working machine can be costing you serious coin in utilities. With the ever increasing demand for efficient washers and dryers getting a new set could save you thousands in water and electric costs in the long run. Also if your current set isn’t washing or drying your clothing correctly and you have to run the same load through multiple times you are throwing money away. Not to mention the increased time consumed, and the unnecessary stress and frustration. Many older models weren’t designed for modern bedding like king size duvets. With a new larger capacity unit you can skip taking those big items to the dry cleaners, and at the same time you have to do fewer loads. The wear your laundry set puts on your clothing is another consideration. Each cycle puts wear on your clothing and thus shortens its life and increases the amount of clothing you have to replace over time. The new models we carry have technology that reduces the wear caused with each use by having options like customized spin speeds for your delicates, and low friction impeller technology.

As Grande Prairie is a community with many young families sanitization is a great feature to consider. As infants tend to soil themselves and thus contaminate their clothing a regular wash cycle may not be getting their clothes clean enough. With steam and sanitize options that exceed 175 degrees you can trust that your laundry is safe for your child. At Midwest on Main we aim for maximum customer satisfaction. Stop by and we would be happy to find the appliances that best fit your lifestyle and budget.

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