Red Deer Dentistry Expert – Dr. Jeff Cook

Healthy Foods – Healthier Teeth?

It’s disappointing seeing the contents of some shoppers’ carts in the supermarket. If it isn’t ‘instant’ it isn’t happening. Many prepared foods are very high in salt content. Manufacturers use it for taste, and it’s hard to put it down. We see 36 packs of pop, 48 packs of potato chips, squeeze cheese out of a tube, and Sugar Pops masquerading as breakfast food. No wonder obesity is such a problem in children these days.

There are better foods out there, and while we have some great weather this  summer – BBQ’s are a good place to start.  Plenty of fresh and nutritious foods will give everyone at your table a healthier leg up!

Veggie platters are enjoyed by all. Create a tossed salad with some nuts (use cashews and it will disappear before your eyes) and perhaps fruit, grill some skinless chicken on the BBQ and nobody will be aware that they are actually eating healthy! Children love crunchy foods like carrots and cucumbers, and you can make a dip that isn’t full of sugar or salt.

The secret isn’t just the fact that these foods are healthy.  There is an abrasive quality with cucumbers and carrots which will stimulate the gums and assist in getting rid of plaque. Any greens, including kale, spinach, and the like – will require your guests to chew a lot. This action will actually scrub their teeth in addition to cleansing their mouth. We have friends from Italy who always eat their salads at the end of the meal, not the beginning.  Perhaps they are on to something that we don’t know? Nuts require chewing which works in a similar way, and chicken and beef have a bacteria fighting component. Don’t forget plenty of water to keep your oral health in good shape. You cannot underestimate the power of ‘swishing’, as water is a natural cleanser and promotes great overall health for your entire body. Saliva is primarily water and it will encourage the repair of gums and teeth. Of course keep those sugar laden soda pop drinks off the table, but if someone does choose one – rinse afterwards!  Enjoy the season, and do your mouth and entire body a big favour when choosing the menu!