Red Deer Denture Expert – Mark Mulzet

Esthetics, Function, and Repairs!!

Often patients have a main objective of obtaining a great looking smile, with little or no concern on how they function.  I always say if a denture looks great but you can’t eat with it, you’re eventually not going to be happy.  Function is generally the most important goal.  Then we focus to achieve maximum desired esthetics.  This is sometimes difficult to achieve when we are only doing one denture, vs an upper AND lower at the same time.  This becomes even more difficult when the denture is opposing natural teeth.  For Example:  A patient has had all their upper teeth extracted and needs only a upper denture, and still has most or all of their lower teeth.   The lower teeth however are very irregular.  Optimum function is attained by maintaining maximum tooth contact between the upper and lower teeth in all functional movements.

In this scenario the denturist is forced to make the upper denture teeth arrangement irregular to match the lower irregularity, and at the same time try to achieve optimum esthetics.   WOW! This is not easy to do sometimes.  In fact it is easy to overdue.

What does that mean?  If the practitioner reaches too far in trying to achieve esthetics and gives up some function it can cause problems with the denture and even cause the denture to fail, or break.  There is a fine line here that can’t be crossed and only an experienced Denturist can and will know when that line is being crossed.

This same rule can also apply when a patient says their old upper denture fits good and they only want to replace the lower.

This can be done,  however there can be some big compromises to the bite and longevity of the dentures when you don’t replace dentures as a set.

At South Hill Denture Clinic I can go through these scenarios in more depth with you during our free consultation.  I have been making dentures for 23 years and I do know when that line is being crossed where you will lose function.

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