Red Deer Motorsports Expert – Steve Van Tetering

Buying your first motorcycle can be a daunting endeavor. Manufacturers are constantly introducing new models and competing to have the biggest, baddest bike on the block. As a new rider, it is very important to start on a bike that is forgiving and controllable. The Ninja 300 is a perfect balance between beginner friendly fun and adrenaline pumping performance. The combination of lightweight handling and smooth power translates into a ride that is fun for riders of all experience levels! The optional ABS brakes are a great safety feature for new riders, helping to stabilize the bike under heavy braking. No need to worry about the looks on this bike, styling on the 300 mimics the legendary 7X-GR and 7X-10R, making for a sleek, sporty look. The Ninja 300 truly is the perfect starter bike!

Kawasaki has always stood behind their product, the Ninja 300 is no different, 12 months of warranty coverage and no mileage limit you can trust that your new bike will be covered no matter how often you ride!