Red Deer Natural Health Adviser – Cheryl Markovich

What’s in a diagnosis? A label?

Both a diagnosis and a label can, and often do, become an excuse for bad behavior and a way to avoid change.  When we are so focused on chasing an answer, the answer is never the answer.  This applies to our health as well as our weight.

When we use the excuse “I’ve always been like this, or my mother or grandmother was like this, or it just runs in my family,” it is an excuse.  When we have a diagnosis of a condition, it works the same way.  It is an excuse not to change.  With a label of being “fat”, it works the same.  It’s an excuse not to change.

We know diets don’t work and are so damaging to our self worth and value.  It’ s always about what we can’t have, a restrictive way of thinking.

Lifestyle programs look at the bigger picture and focus on appetites and compulsions around food, as well as identifying the need to eat.  Nourishment and nutrition should be the reason we eat, but too often we eat to fulfill a need.

Weight issues are heart issues.   What we put in our mouth, we put in our heart.   We eat to fill a void in our life.  We confuse spiritual hunger with physical hunger.  We eat to shut down feelings we don’t want to feel.  We eat to deal with anxiety.  We eat when we are bored.  We eat when we are stressed, and the list goes on.  We can never solve a spiritual hunger on a physical level.  Ever try to feel peace, joy, and happiness in a burdened half dead body?

Being allowed to eat freely makes us feel loved, accepted, deserving and special.  This is what we all crave… fulfillment.  This must begin with self love.  Weight loss alone will not equate to peace, happiness or contentment

Diets create frenzy.  Every new fad promises the answer.  Avoid this, add that, eat for your blood type, eat fat, don’t eat fat, detox, alkalize, etc. etc.  We hunt for answers but the only freedom from this obsession is not what you do or don’t do.  IT’S ABOUT KNOWING WHO YOU ARE.

Being in the moment is “key” to understanding who is running your life and who conditioned you with that belief system.  Both food and illness are a stand in for fulfilling all the great possibilities you were created for.

The first thing most of us need to do to regain our health and our weight is to stop the constant distraction we live in.  Who are we, and what are we feeling / experiencing?  Scary thought to stop overdoing everything.  Stop overworking, stop overeating, stop over performing, stop overusing drugs and alcohol.  Once and for all stop over dieting and over exercising!  How we eat will reflect how we live.  Relaxed, nourishing and life giving, or rushed, harried and life draining.  Just by becoming aware of these habits will give us a glimpse of what is driving us.

Authenticity and not trying to do it all right will help you slowly realize you are O.K.  You are already whole and you do have all the answers and resources within yourself to be, have, and do all you were created for.

Our new IN. FORM programs can help you support a new lifestyle that will equip you with a healthier way to live and never, ever look at a diet again!  Come learn about your body composition, metabolic age, and much much more.