Red Deer Natural Health Expert – Dawn Wickberg

Back to school is RIGHT around the corner…

What do you do to help keep you family bug free for the year?  There are so many supplements out there it can be exhausting trying to figure out what to supplement with.  Probiotics are a good start because 80 percent of our immune system lies in our gut.  A healthy gut means a healthy immune system AND healthy brain.  There is some recent research out on the gut brain connection…a MAJOR discovery for prevention and hope for those suffering from mental health conditions.  The “sunshine vitamin” or Vitamin D is an ABSOLUTE MUST for every household everyone should be supplementing as we are very deficient.   Proper nutrition IS KEY..there are products out there where you can get 30 FRUITS AND VEGETABLES in six capsules.  Seems to good to be true, its not.  “Let food be thy medicine” UTTER AND COMPLETE TRUTH.  Olive leaf is also a great addition to the “immune arsenal” it helps with blood pressure too!  Always do your research with ANY and all products to ensure they’re a good fit for your household.  Should the cold or flu bug HIT your house, Elderberry is a great TASTEY way to wipe out the virus, also homeopathics are great for a rumbley gut as well.  Podophyllum Peltatum is particularly good for diarrhea and painful gut associated with the stomach flu.  Also remember the healthier you are, the smaller the chance the bug will last long in your system.

Proper diet, water and lots of good quality sleep are some of the best ways to ensure a quick recovery and all out prevention from sickness.  Hope this helps.. You can always come down to the store and say HI…We’d love to see you.