Saskatoon Hearing Center – John Letts


At our office we believe that hearing can dramatically improve a person’s quality of life. For many years, we have dealt with a company who also shares our same beliefs; the Starkey Hearing Foundation.

The Starkey Hearing Foundation travels the globe testing and fitting hearing aids on thousands of people each year who would otherwise live in the isolation of a silent world. The gift of hearing opens up a whole new world of opportunity, it connects individuals to life and helps them realize they can accomplish more than they ever thought possible.

This year, I had the opportunity to go to El Salvador and partake in one of the Starkey Missions where we fit thousands of  hearing aids and I was truly touched at the care and effort that is put in by every volunteer.

To help infants, children, teenagers and adults hear for the first time is an amazing thing to be a part of—you are completely overwhelmed by their joy and excitement. I am so very pleased when I see a set of hearing aids come into our office for donation so they can be remade into the best gift.

We have donation boxes set up at both locations where old/unused hearing aids can be dropped off; we appreciate any and all donations.

8th Street location, 306.343.9516

Market Mall location, 306.374.4050