Saskatoon Trees – Dave Loraas

Wild forest grown trees naturally prune and deal with insects and diseases. However, due to the unique environment created by urban sprawl, domestic trees benefit from maintenance performed by trained and educated Arborists.

To maintain the health and longevity of your trees, it is necessary to cut away dead, damaged, and diseased parts. Crossing or competing limbs should also be tended to. Pruning helps to minimize the spread of disease and reduce the amount of harmful insects, by eliminating habitat. Damaged trees can be saved using good pruning techniques and in some cases, cables and braces may be used to preserve trees with splits in them. New trees should be pruned to encourage good structure early in the first years of life, and then every six to seven years after (as a general maintenance practice). Ensure that spurs and climbing gaffs are NEVER used on a live tree, as they create holes for pests, disease, and infection to enter.

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