Lethbridge Funeral Planner -Nicolas Salmon

Funeral Etiquette: Part 2

Be on Time:

It sounds obvious, but please arrive at least 15 minutes early.  Avoid the rush that usually occurs just before the funeral starts.  Nobody wants to be the person that disrupts a service by arriving late.


If you think your child may cause a disturbance at a funeral, you might want to leave him/her with a baby sitter.  If you do bring your child, consider having snacks or other distractions to keep him/ her quiet, and try to sit near a door so that you can leave if the need arises. This doesn’t apply to children that are family or have a connection to the deceased.  They should have the option to come if they want to. (There is lots of research on the benefits of children attending funerals)

Cell Phones:

I know that it is mentioned in Part 1 of Funeral Etiquette, but it can’t be said enough.  Turn your phone off!  It is amazing how many times a cell phone rings during the eulogy or a hymn.  It is such a simple common courtesy to turn it off, or better yet leave it in your car.

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