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Do you operate a home based business?

Do you work in the oil & gas industry and occasionally use your shop for business operations?

Do you have cliental or employees that frequent your home?

These are questions that you may not have asked yourself or considered when purchasing or renewing your current home owner’s insurance. What many people do is purchase their home insurance and then purchase their commercial insurance but fail to notify the insurer of their home that there are commercial operations on the premises. Many insurance providers would exclude coverage or may not even offer coverage in the event of a loss if they are not made aware of commercial operations on the premises. To have a better understanding of the exposure a home based business may have, contact our knowledgeable staff at Broker Age.

** NOTE:  The information provided in this blog is of a general nature.  It may not be specific to your particular situation.  We recommend you consult our office for appropriate advice **

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