Grande Prairie Kitchen Supplier – Jana Bro

YES, we are STILL OPEN!! For the past nearly 2 years we have been located behind the North end Safeway, across from Michael’s Flooring. Wapiti Auto Sales occupies one end of the street, with Midas Muffler on the opposite end. ​

We supply restaurant grade kitchen supplies to EVERYONE near and far for an affordable price! Bring quality home for less! Our goal is to allow everyone the opportunity to have restaurant grade kitchen supplies in their home for the same price restaurants do. We try to avoid the use of the words “industrial” or “commercial” because as soon as customers hear that they automatically assume large items. That is not the case!

One of the reasons we chose to open the store is because we used to run kitchens, from mobile concessions to banquet events and we got used to handling good quality kitchen equipment from utensils to pots and pans and when we inquired about purchasing these items for our home we either got hung up on or the prices went up. We agreed this is not very fair and that everyone should have access to high quality products at the same inexpensive prices as everyone else. We invite you to please come in and take a look at our wide variety of products for the chef or baker in your home. Happy Cooking!

9914A 113 Ave | (780) 533-3560