Lethbridge Marketing strategist – Jason Gourlie

Back to school, back to school, the summer is now over and we are now working back into our normal daily routines. Surprisingly to me, I just realized that we are one month away from the fourth quarter of 2017. So this month I would like to delve a little deeper into one aspect of how to properly build your brand.

As we make the mad push to finish out the year strong revenue wise, I want to talk about being totally focused about what you say in your messaging. I firmly believe that companies should use a singular consistent message in their marketing.  When dealing with businesses and working on their marketing plan I often see a shotgun approach used. They say one thing in their print materials and something totally different in their digital ads and then the trifecta of a completely different message in their radio ads.

As a business owner you make the huge decision to invest your hard earned revenue into advertising. Now that you have a virtual microphone, so to speak, what is it that you want to say? I want to propose that the message you offer in all your advertising should be the same. In that, your print advertising should have the exact same message as what your customers will see in your digital/online ads or on your television ads or hear in your radio advertisements. By employing one consistent message in all your advertising methods it creates unity and helps build a strong and consistent brand. That singular consistent message may simply be a slogan that you have for your business or it may be a picture of the mind or it could even just be your corporate logo.

The outcome you want to avoid from your advertising is creating confusion in the minds of the consumer about who you are, what you do, and what you have to offer in the marketplace. I would never personally want to hear the words “What is it that you do here” as a business owner, especially if you are spending money on advertising. When you are consistent in your one message and with the right amount of frequency your customers will begin to understand what you want them to know, feel, and do when it comes to their interactions with your business.

Let us all focus our efforts and tighten up our plans and processes so that we might all finish the year strong!

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