Lethbridge Marketing strategist – Trish Hauck

In thinking about radio advertising, the first thing that usually comes to mind is a standard 30 or 60 second commercial. This, albeit the most traditional way businesses can advertise their products and or services in radio, is not your only choice. An avenue that is often overlooked is that of promotional advertising. Whether through smaller, more seasonal types such as back to school and Mother’s Day or larger and lengthier ones that typically involve a grand prize, radio stations continually execute promotions in order to create excitement and engage listeners. To do this, a radio station invites partners in way of prizing, venues, etc. in exchange for airtime. This partnership has some key benefits to businesses.

When putting together a promotion, a radio station puts their best foot forward, dedicating a high volume and variety of components to the campaign: liners, promos as well as live reads by announcers. Buying this level of advertising exclusively would be very expensive for any one company.  By partnering with the station and other non-competing businesses, clients are able to share in this expense. This is a win-win endeavor. The radio station is able to promote an event or giveaway that adds interest and intrigue for their listeners while the companies are able to promote their product or service in a light, fun and indirect way at a relatively low cost.

Aligning themselves with a radio station and on-air personalities that loyal listeners have come to trust, a business is able to earn extra credibility and brand trust through this endorsement. Announcers talking about your product or service create positive top of mind awareness. Potential customers are exposed to details about their product or service in an informal way, creating a familiarity and desire.

Promotional advertising is also a great way to put your products or services directly in the hands of potential customers. Winners or qualifiers of a promotion are often directed to a partnered business to experience a service or pick up their prize. This not only familiarizes the potential customer with their physical location, but also gives a business the opportunity to put their best foot forward and make a positive impression on the winner while informing them of other services and products they may be interested in.

Blending traditional forms of advertising with that of promotional advertising can be an amazing combination. The frequency and brand trust achieved through promotions alongside that of a traditional commercial campaign puts businesses at the forefront of consumer’s minds.

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